Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seven Minutes in Heaven *Deidara*

Name: Kousetsu
Age: 19
Past: She slaughtered her family in a fit of rage when she found out that her brother Yahiko(LOL I couldn't resist. For those of you who don't know who Yahiko is he is Pein or one of Pein's bodies.) was dead. She was then driven out of her village at the age of seven (Idk how old Yahiko was so ima go with my imagination) by the age of fourteen she was driven mad by her pent up emotions. When she hit 19 the Akatsuki found her and helped her with the insanity so now she's mostly sane.
Friends: Everyone in the Akatsuki.
Enemies: Those who oppose the Akatsuki.
Personality: Very bubbly and loves life and always lives like she's living for two people because in her mind she is. She feels as though she must live for herself and her brother. Has rare but lengthy lapses in sanity.
Crush: Deidara
” Do I have to do this?” You groaned looking at leader disdainfully. He just nodded staying silent. 'He looks so much like Yahiko...' You sigh and spin the bottle gently. It only spins twice but you mentally kill your self a few times when you see who it lands on. You see all the other members smirk and hear a few chuckle because they all knew he was your crush...well except him. You love him half to death but Kami he was dense some times.
” Come on Deidara let's get this over with.” You sigh unable to stop the inevitable. He gets up with a sigh and grabs your hand to pull you into the closet making you blush bright pink as you shot Konan your help me face. She just grinned at you before sitting and locking you two in the cramped closet.
”So what are we supposed to do in here, un?” Deidara asked taking a small step away from you to give you some space.
” Uh we don't have to do any thing Deidara... But usually people kiss in the closet...” You say shyly looking down even though he couldn't see your bright blush. You heard him move closer to you making you back up. ” Deidara w-what are you doing?” You stutter as you backed into the wall of the closet.
” Nothings wrong Kousetsu. It's kinda sad that you think I'm dense...because I'm not. I see your looks and the way you blush but you never noticed mine, un.” He growled pinning my an hands together above my head and pulling me into a searing kiss. He licked your lower lip for entrance and when you refused he brought one of his hands to your clothed breast and squeezed harshly as his hand mouth bit down gently on your nipple. You gasped loudly against his lips giving him the perfect opportunity to slid his appendage into your mouth and engaged yours in a battle for dominance. You backed down after a moment and let him have free range of your mouth. After a few minutes oxygen became necessary and you had to part.
” Now do you understand, un?” Deidara asked panting quietly. You nodded and pressed your body closer to his. He slid his hands up under your shirt letting his hand mouths lick and nip at your soft satiny skin. When he got to your breast his eyes widened when he realized you were wearing bandages around your chest. You reached behind yourself and untucked the end of the bandages letting them unravel and reveal why you wore them. Deidara grinned when he realized that you wore them to keep your breasts out of your way when you fought.
” Deidara!” You screamed when his hand mouth sank it's teeth into your left nipple. He smirked and slid his other hand down to your heat.
”Ahhhhh. Ung Deidara.... Are you trying to torture me?” You groaned out tilting your head back with a moan. His smirk got wider as he licked your throat before biting down on your pulse point harshly.
”Maybe.” He purred in your ear. You smirked reaching down and grabbing him through his pants.
” Two can play that game Dei-Kun.” You purred back with a catty grin. Using your sharp nails you shredded his shirt. Ducking your head down you licked a line from the top of his throat down to the base of his throat before biting down and drawing blood. He gasped in surprise. You licked the apologetically and looked at his ocean blue eyes.
” Sorry I didn't mean to bite that hard.” You murmur.
” It's fine. I just forgot how sharp your teeth were.” He panted. Then you smirked
” Pain turns you on doesn't it?” You ask tilting you head
” What? No it doesn't-” you cut his protest off with a harsh bite to the other side of his throat. He moaned confirming your accusation. He growled and grabbed the hem of you skirt, ripping it in half.
” Deidara! You squealed. ” that was my favorite skirt!” He chuckled and ripped his pants off. Your eyes went wide when you looked down and you backed up
” Nuh-uh you are not putting that in me! It'll tear me apart!” You exclaimed. His eyes softened
” Don't worry I'll go slow.” You were still worried but nodded. You expected the pain but the intensity of it startled you and you had to sink  your teeth into Deidara's shoulder to stifle your scream. He dud as he said he would and went slow but that didn't get rid of the pain. When he was fully sheathed inside you he stopped giving you time to adjust.
” Move.” You panted. He nodded and began to move, slowly at first but gaining speed as your moans encouraged him on. You both reached your climaxes together moaning each others names

Outside the closet.

” Really guys that's just not right!” Konan groaned
”Finally got your girl brat.” Sasori smirked
”No comment.” Itachi said glaring at the closet door.
”I'm not going in there....” Kisame grunted.
” What is Deidara-sempai doing to Kousetsu-nee-chan?” Tobi asked
”You don't want to know Tobi.....” Pein said staring blankly at the door.

THE END!!!!!!!!!

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